tG Story

tG Story

The one thing many gamers share with each other; dealing with the struggle of getting a gaming group together.  Filling a 4-6 player game sounds easy, but many gamers know it isn’t always a walk in the park.  What if there were a group of like minded people who always found places to meet up, week to week, to play all sorts of games?  [toggle Gaming] organizes events that are built around bringing people together to share their love for tabletop gaming.  The flagship event, Tabletop Tuesday, brings 90-120 gamers together every single week.  

This whole thing started because Kevin had a hard time getting people to play games with him.  Luckily he had recently gotten Andrew into the hobby, but they were both looking to play more often.  Due to the varying schedules of friends and coworkers, it was difficult to plan nights to fill a table.  Eventually Kevin decided to start going to a public place where he and his friends could relax, have a couple drinks, and play some games each week.  After a few weeks of planning and notifying friends and coworkers, he and Andrew packed up some games and went to the first Tabletop Tuesday.   

July 16th, 2013 marked the first-ever Tabletop Tuesday.  Surprisingly, to Kevin and Andrew, 10-14 people had gone out to show their support.  What happened in the following weeks was not expected; the friends and coworkers who came began to tell their friends, who told their friends, who told their friends, etc.  Over the following couple weeks, new faces began to arrive, old faces returned, and something else - people who happened to be at the bar began to see Kevin and Andrew unloading their games.  Some were gamers, others were just interested, but all were invited to join.  The ones who joined in began to tell their friends (who told their friends, etc).

Attendance began to grow at an exciting rate.  Tabletop Tuesday began to bring upwards of 50 gamers each week within only a year.  Through the use of Meetup ( and Facebook (, word continued to travel.  Now the event sees 90-120 individual gamers each and every week.

The founders of [tG], Kevin and Andrew, believe that the hobby of tabletop gaming is one that should be shared with as many people as possible.  In order to help breathe more life into the hobby,  Kevin and Andrew share their personal collection of over 300 games with the community.  In an attempt to make gaming even more accessible to as many people as possible, they also hold a strong stance on keeping their gaming events completely free.  

The trouble used to be getting enough people together to play a single game, now the only trouble is trying to figure out what to play next!