[toggle Gaming] plays Cartographers!

Tabletop Tuesday Online: Cartographers 2

In an effort to maintain some of the spirit of camaraderie and fellowship of our live meetups, we continue hosting live online events each week on Tuesday nights. This week, trying out Facebook’s new Messenger Rooms, we’ll return to CARTOGRAPHERS, a game we played on our second Tabletop Tuesday Online, and enjoyed quite a bit.

Tabletop MONDAY at Durty Nellies, 6pm-Midnight, 16 Mar 2020

[toggle Gaming] presents: Tabletop MONDAY at Durty Nellie’s Pub. March roars in like a lion, and leaves like a lamb. So what is it just past the halfway point? A lion/lamb hybrid with a wooly coat and a taste for meat, or a golden-maned king that bleats and shuffles around with its pals? Whichever way it’s leaning, we’ll be here, leaning on the game table and waiting for you. Join us, won’t you? We start at 6pm on Monday, 16 March.

Durty Nellie's was hoppin!

Tabletop Tuesday at Durty Nellies: 6pm-Midnight, 10 Mar 2020

[toggle Gaming] presents: Tabletop Tuesday at Durty Nellie’s Pub. “Nothing is so beautiful as Spring/ when weeds, in wheels, shoot long and lovely and lush,” and to Dirty Nellie’s Palatine tables/ your fellow togglers scheme and scurry and rush. The snow has melted (mostly) and our breath is bated, waiting for you to grab a drink, pull up a chair, and claim the unnecessarily large first player marker. Come on down! We start at 6pm on Tuesday, 10 March.