Four people play Clank Catacombs

Tabletop Tuesday: What kind of day will you have? (5/7)

May the 7th is both National Tourism Day and Poem on Your Pillow day. Come on out to [toggle Gaming] for either celebration! Maybe play a game about travel, like Let’s Go Japan! or A Walk in Burano. Or perhaps a word-smithing game like Poetry for Neanderthals. Either way, the action starts at 6pm upstairs at Durty Nellie’s in Palatine, and we hope you’ll join us!

Tabletop Tuesday: Just past the Ides! 3/18

We’ve passed the Ides of March and here you are, un-stabbed. What better way to celebrate than with board games?! Join us at Nellie’s in Palatine as we gather upstairs to play tabletop games from 6-11pm. It’s so good, you’ll find yourself wondering whether you should have invited your friend Brutus along for the evening.

Tabletop Tuesday: More fun than a miniature Oscar! (2/27)

On this day in 1935, Shirley Temple was given a miniature Oscar for inventing a tasty non-alcoholic drink. And for that we celebrate her by meeting at Nellie’s in Palatine for some games. Come on out and join us for food, fun, and some youthful enthusiasm. By which I mean board games. And maybe order a sprite with grenadine in it.

Tabletop Tuesday: Let It Snow! (12/19)

The weather outside my be frightful, but the food and drinks at Nellie’s sure are delightful! And since you’ve got no place to go, come play games with [toggle Gaming]! Come in and know us better, gamer! We begin at 6pm and wrap up by 11 on December 19th. We can’t wait to see you!