Tabletop Tuesday at Nellie’s, 10 May 2022

miscreants malign the merry month of May. Malarky, we at toggle gaming say! Our members master multitudes of mechanisms, making the most of Manhattan Projects and Mind MGMT. In other words, we love playing games in May! Join us at Nellies from 6pm to 11pm this coming Tuesday. It will be … MAGNIFICENT.

Tabletop Tuesday at Nellie’s, 3 May ’22

toggle Gaming] presents: Tabletop Tuesday! We’re done with pesky April showers — it’s time for May flowers! And what better way to ring in the bloom of the summer than to sit down with some pals for some delicious beverages, some tasty food, and some awesome games. Join us at Nellies from 6pm to 11pm this coming Tuesday. It will be … AWESOME.

Tabletop Tuesday at Nellie’s, 26 April

[toggle Gaming] presents: Tabletop Tuesday! The end of April approaches like a freight train … full of GAMES! Join us at Nellie’s in Palatine for a gleeful gathering of gregarious gamers. We can’t wait to see you. It all starts starts at 6pm, and goes until 11. WILL YOU WIN YOUR GAME? MAYBE. Will you win at FRIENDSHIP? Absolutely.

Tabletop Tuesday at Nellies, 29 March 2022

[toggle Gaming] presents: Tabletop Tuesday! March is on its way out, but the games aren’t slowing down. Join us at Nellie’s Gastropub for camaraderie, games, and good sustenance. And come check out the game collection — it keeps growing! We go from 6pm to 11pm. Join us!