Tabletop Tuesdays has returned to Nellie’s. Come join us from 6-11pm each week for games, tasty food, and camaraderie. We can’t wait to see you! Check out the latest “Events” post for specific details about times and the current COVID restrictions.


[toggle] Game Day

[toggle] Game Day

[tG] is a community of geeks who have a passion for tabletop games. We organize gaming events that allow the community to get together, play games, meet new people, and have fun. We work hard to welcome gamers of all experience levels (especially non-gamers who are new to the hobby).

Beyond that, the community has spawned friendships that have extended far beyond the gaming events. We’ve waged paintball battles, undertaken quests to the Renaissance Faire, met at the movies, and more.

[toggle] also works very hard to support small and local business, as well as building connections with game publishers and other companies that support our members’ hobbies and interests.

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