Tabletop Tuesday Online: Cartographers (Mar 31, 7pm)

In an effort to maintain some of the spirit of camaraderie and fellowship of our live meetups, we’ll be hosting live online events each week on Tuesday nights.

This week, we’ll host a game of CARTOGRAPHERS for an hour or so starting around 7pm on March 31st. We will play on Facebook Live. Look over at the [toggle Gaming] Community to find the webcast.

PRIZE SUPPORT: As a special bonus, publisher (and friend of [toggle]) Thunderworks Games has offered to send a Cartographers Playmat or two to our winners. Thanks, Keith!

To prepare, download map sheets from the Thunderworks website, here:

You can print them or use a digital drawing program (like paint or photoshop) to draw on them during the game.

If none of those solutions work for you, email before Thursday morning, March 26, asking for the sheets and with your mailing address and we will mail you a couple. If you email after Thursday morning, we’ll still do our best, but we can’t be sure they’ll get to you in time.