Tabletop Tuesday Online: The Isle of Cats (28 Apr, 7pm)

The Isle of Cats

In an effort to maintain some of the spirit of camaraderie and fellowship of our live meetups, we’ll be hosting live online events each week on Tuesday nights.

This week, on Facebook live, we’ll host a live play of The Isle of Cats, Remote Edition. To take part, just follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Print off this 1 page PDF and have it with you.
    If multiple people want to play they will need 1 sheet each, I recommend you print 1 or 2 extras in case we play twice.
  2. Make sure each player has a pen or pencil!
    Ideally, you will have 6 different colored pens/pencils (blue, green, orange, purple, red and black), but as long as you have 1 pen per player it will work.
  3. Log into Facebook live and join us at 7pm on 28 April.

Want to learn the game ahead of time? Check out this video: