Toggletop Day: toggle’s Tenth Anniversary Bash

Don’t miss this big day!

WHEN: July 8th, 2023. 11am – 6pm
WHERE: The downstairs concert area at Nellie’s Gastropub

Join us for give-aways, sales, special events, fun surprises, and the great games and gamers that make [toggle] what it is.

It’s 7 hours of gaming in the “board game mosh pit” downstairs at Nellie’s!
– [toggle Gaming]’s fantastic game library
– Our sponsors at XYZ Game Labs have made a bespoke game for our tenth anniversary. Join us for the “Game On” tournament!
– Used Game Sale
– Artemis Bridge Simulator
– Crokinole

Hope to see you there!

Used Game Sale

This year we’re running a game sale and fundraiser for toggle. Here’s how it will work:

  • Bring used games to sell to the community. Please inventory them first.
  • Fill out the drop-off form
  • Buy tag sheets. These sheets raise funds for toggle. One tag sheet is $10, and allows you to sell 5 items. (Feel free to bundle games if you want!)
  • Put your used games out for sale.
  • Pick up your money and unsold games at the end of the day or at the next two toggles!