Tabletop Tuesday at Durty Nellies, 6pm, 4 February 2020

[toggle Gaming] presents: Tabletop Tuesday! Is the chilly weather putting the BRRRRR in FeBRRRRuary? Chase away the cold-air blues with some boardgames with us at Durty Nellies! We’re meeting, as usual, from 6pm to midnight, for lots of great games.

Playin' Parks
Playin’ PARKS

LOTS OF GREAT GAMES! At Tabletop Tuesday, 50-100 people meet each week to play all sorts of different games. Recent titles played at the event include Cheaty Mages, Wavelength, Star Wars: Outer Rim, Parks, GWAR, Spirit Island, Brass: Birmingham, and many more! Bring your own game or use one of the 400+ games in our library.

Some games we played on 28 Jan 2020

DESIGNERS WELCOME! Tabletop Tuesday has a healthy community of designers who bring prototypes to try. If you’re going to join them, you should plan to play other peoples’ games, but you’re also welcome to bring yours as well.

PLAY ALL EVENING! We play from 6:00 until 12:00am. But you don’t need to be there the whole time. Many members leave early or arrive late. If you’re looking to play something specific — especially a “heavier” game that might take a little preparation, head over to our Facebook page to pre-arrange your game. Nellie’s also has a lovely patio you can use for outside play when the weather is pleasant.


FAMILIES WELCOME! While [toggle Gaming] is an adult event held at a bar, feel welcome to bring your children with you. Our library has many family friendly games, and we regularly welcome younger gamers to the table.


Come by, grab a pint, roll some dice, play some cards, collect some cubes, watch some flicks, see familiar faces, and make new friends.

Cheaty Mages!

If you’re a member of Chicago Game Lovers ( as well; be sure to RSVP to the meetup there as well so we can tell the members there how much fun we have!

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