Tabletop Tuesday Online: Cartographers 2

[toggle Gaming] plays Cartographers!

In an effort to maintain some of the spirit of camaraderie and fellowship of our live meetups, we continue hosting live online events each week on Tuesday nights.

This week, trying out Facebook’s new Messenger Rooms, we’ll return to CARTOGRAPHERS, a game we played on our second Tabletop Tuesday Online, and enjoyed quite a bit.

If you want to join us, follow these two easy steps:

  1. Head over to Thunderworks Games site to download and print one sheet for each player.
  2. At 7pm CST on Tuesday, 19 May, head over to Facebook and follow the post from the [toggle Gaming] community, or go directly to the Facebook Messenger room to play.

Want to learn Cartographers first? Check out this video:

Want to try the game? Play along with our previous Tabletop Tuesday Online outing over on Facebook.

See you there!