Tabletop Tuesday Online: Kokoro, Avenue of the Kodama (17 Nov ’20)

In an effort to maintain some of the spirit of camaraderie and fellowship of our live meetups, we continue hosting live online events each week on Tuesday nights. This week, using ZOOM, we’ll play the flip and write path-drawing game Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama

Information about the game:
Kokoro is a simple flip-and-write game about connecting paths and careful planning. It plays in about 30-45 minutes, and is easy to learn. It was published by Indie Board and Cards.

Game Prep
You will need to download or print the game template, and have something to write with.
– Download the play mats from Michael Matera’s site.

Zoom info: 
At 7pm CST on Tuesday, 17 November, join us on Zoom.
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Never played Kokoro before? Check out this video: