Updated Pandemic Guidelines – Tabletop Tuesday: 24 Aug ’21

Our usual announcement about the week’s gaming follows, but we wanted to include, first, this announcement from the [toggle Gaming] organizers. Please read it carefully:

[toggle Gaming] holds caring for our community as one of our highest values. The current public health guidelines from the CDC, Illinois, and Cook County indicate that ALL individuals, vaccinated or unvaccinated, should wear masks indoors to help reduce the spread of COVID19. Thus, we require that everyone wear masks at [toggle Gaming] events until further notice.

Straight talk here: [toggle] organizers are volunteers who do this for fun and love of the community. We didn’t get into this to be public health enforcers and we don’t want to have to spend energy doing that (or worse, getting into arguments about it). We expect everyone who comes to participate in the effort to keep us all safe by masking (and if you can, vaccinating). If the community as a whole can’t do this, we’ll have to cancel our in-person meetings until the indoor mask recommendations have been lifted again.

– [toggle Gaming] organizers

[toggle Gaming] presents: Tabletop Tuesday! We continue our August gaming. We start at Nellie’s Gastropub in Palatine at 6pm, and go until 11pm. Wear your mask to play games, then take a break and step outside to eat food and enjoy a tasty beverage, then come back inside and play more games!


Bring your own games or use our library. We have over 400 games for you to use, or you can bring your own! Each week, 50-100 people meet at Nellie’s to play all sorts of different games. Recently, we’ve had a great time, playing games of Sidereal Confluence, Machi Koro, Mystic Vale, Welcome to…, Victim: The Asylum, Dead of Winter, The Resistance, and more!

Some games we played recently


We start at 6:00pm and go until 11pm. But you don’t need to be there the whole time. Arrive when you like, leave when you want. If you’re hoping to play something specific–especially something “heavier” that might take a little preparation–consider heading over to our Facebook page to pre-arrange your game. Nellie’s has a lovely patio you can use for outside play when the weather is pleasant.

Flashback, 2020: Azul: Summer Pavilion


[toggle Gaming] requires attendees to follow local, state, and federal guidelines for gathering safely. At present:

  • The CDC guidance states that all people at [toggle] should wear masks. Please wear a mask while attending [toggle Gaming].


Come by, grab a pint, roll some dice, play some cards, collect some cubes, watch some flicks, see familiar faces, and make new friends.

If you’re a member of Chicago Game Lovers (http://www.meetup.com/chicagogames/) as well; be sure to RSVP to the meetup there as well so we can tell the members there how much fun we have!

[toggle Gaming] is proud to be sponsored by XYZ Game Labs.

*Header image by wibble design. Check out their meeple masks here.