Tabletop Tuesday: A Double-Helix of fun! (4/25)

People playing Codenames

Today in 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick (relying heavily on work done by Rosalind Franklin and others), published the article revealing the double-helix nature of DNA, that pesky molecule that carries our genetic data. What better way to celebrate this discovery than to engage in the most human of activities: play. That’s right–the pre-eminent scientists of the 20th century demand it. Come out ant play games at Nellie’s in Palatine from 6-11pm on Tuesday 4/25.

On the Table

Recently, we played Flashpoint: Fire Rescue; Codenames; Flamecraft; The Night Cage; The Thing: The Boardgame; The Quest for El Dorado: The Golden Temples; La Boca, and more!

Games we played recently!

Things to Expect at Toggle Gaming:

  • A Huge library – try games from our library of 400+ titles or bring your own!
  • Great Drinks and Food – Our host pub, Nellie’s, has a great selection of beers and other drinks, as well as a menu of tasty food, whether you’re looking for a snack or a meal. (Please do not bring outside food or drink.)
  • A Welcoming Environment – We at [toggle Gaming] welcome anyone and everyone to our game table. Whether you’re new to the hobby or a die-hard grognard, we’d love for you to join us!
  • Designers ahoy – We have quite a few designers who come to Tabletop Tuesday with prototypes to try. Maybe you’ll play the next CANVAS in prototype form!

Planning your evening:

Feel free to come as you are and jump into games on the fly, or head over to our Facebook Community page to see what people are planning to play next week. Maybe even add your own game to the list!

Highlights from recent nights:

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