Tabletop Tuesday at Nellie’s, 17 May ’22

[toggle Gaming] presents: Tabletop Tuesday! Get your dice and meeples and unplayed gems ready because it’s time for another game-tastic Tuesday. Join us at Nellies from 6pm to 11pm on Tuesday the 17th of May for open gaming, delicious beverages, tasty food, and camaraderie.

Build the French countryside and enjoy some tasty beverages!


[toggle Gaming] encourages attendees to follow local, state, and federal guidelines for gathering safely. At present masks are optional but absolutely welcome.


Bring your own games or use our library. We have over 400 games for you to use, or you can bring your own! Each week, we meet at Nellie’s to play all sorts of different games. Recently we’ve had a great time, playing games of Secret Hitler, Coup, Las Vegas, Tenpenny Parks, Cascadia, Mission Catastrophe, Loopin’ Chewie, and more!

Just a few of the games we played last week.


Tabletop Tuesday events have often played host to designers of all stripes, with games at all levels of development. Two weeks ago, Nate Linhart, designer of Thunderworks Games’ Tenpenny Parks visited. It was so good, toggle regular Terry picked up a copy and brought it back this week!

Tenpenny Parks returns for the second week in a row!


We start at 6pm and go until 11pm. But you don’t need to be there the whole time. Arrive when you like, leave when you want. If you’re hoping to play something specific–especially something “heavier” that might take a little preparation–consider heading over to our Facebook page to pre-arrange your game. Nellie’s has a lovely patio you can use for outside play when the weather is pleasant.

Will you try Creature Comforts when you join us this week?


Think hard or get out-maneuvered!

While [toggle Gaming] is an adult event held at a bar, we keep it pretty family-friendly. Our library has many all-ages games, and we regularly welcome younger gamers to the table.

Come by, grab a pint, roll some dice, play some cards, collect some cubes, watch some flicks, see familiar faces, and make new friends.

If you’re a member of Chicago Game Lovers ( as well; be sure to RSVP to the meetup there as well so we can tell the members there how much fun we have!

[toggle Gaming] is proud to be sponsored by XYZ Game Labs.

* Except where otherwise noted, photos were taken by toggle Gaming organizers at our last meetup.